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Preparing your roof for summer storms

With temperatures already climbing well above the 30’s, it’s safe to say summer is definitely on it’s way. Be prepared for the summer storms. There are a few simple steps that you can take now in order to protect your home and surrounding property this coming storm season.

Inspect your roof
Ensure your roof is in the best condition it can be before storm season hits.
What to look for;

  • Loose or unsecured metal sheets
  • Cracked and worn rubber dektites around vent pipes
  • Any existing rust or damage
  • Or any other indications that your roof may be at risk of leaking

Clean your gutters
Now is the time to check your gutters of any damage and give them a good clean out. Remove leaves, branches and any debris from your gutters. Check for any cracks or damages that could weaken your gutters and cause damage during heavy winds and rain.

Trim back your trees.
Overhanging branches can break in storms and cause damage to your house or surrounding powerlines making it very dangerous for you and your family. Take the time to assess your garden. If there are any signs of dead branches or large overhanging trees, trim them back.

If you are unsure or spot any damage to your roof, call a professional. Spending the time now and being prepared can save your family and your home during the upcoming storm season.

If you unfortunately experience a storm that damages your roof, contact the Signature Roofing team for a comprehensive inspection and repairs.