The Simple Steps in our Insurance Reroofing Process

When it comes to roofing and guttering, our team can perform all insurance work. Our insurance re-roofing process steps are simple and clear to make the process as easy as possible for our clients. If you are curious about how our insurance reroofing process looks, we have laid out our steps below:

We start by offering clients an obligation free quote. Once acceptance is received, we send out a confirmation email requesting the job specific details; colours and profiles etc. We also advise the client that the authorisation and deposit will be issued shortly.

Once we have the confirmation details, the authorisation of works document is generated and sent to the client, along with a deposit invoice. The deposit makes up 5-10% of the contract value.

Once the deposit is paid and the authorisation of works document is received completed and signed, the operations team will schedule and confirm the commencement of works. We are able to work around our clients, taking into account their availability and preferred dates.

We coordinate all trades which will be involved, including all that relate to safety rail, solar, electrical, hot water, skylights etc. We are also able to work in with owners’ own trades if they have preferred contractors who they wish to engage with directly.

Upon date of commencement, the trades start onsite between 7:00am and 7:30am. Once works have commenced, a progress invoice is issued to the client for 50% completion of the works. This invoice is due once that stage of completion is reached.

Once works have been completed, the site is cleared with rail being dismantled and rubbish being removed. The site supervisor will conduct a Quality Assurance Inspection to ensure all works have been completed and to a high standard. Our office will also contact the client to confirm their satisfaction with the works.

Once satisfaction is confirmed, the final invoice for the balance of the works is issued to the client.

For more information or to chat with the team about your reroofing plans, contact us on (07) 5471 6332 or via our contact page.