VLOG: Choosing Your Roof Colour

Bec from Signature Roofing and Guttering take us through some colour ideas and considerations from the Colorbond® range, in our first installment of our Helpful Ideas Around the Home series – aimed at giving you tips and tricks to for your home and general maintenance.

The roof is one of the largest fixed elements of a home and deciding its colour can be a challenging process for any home owner or renovator. The profile and pitch of the roof as well as the location of the house should all be considered when choosing its colour as it may play a substantial role in the overall look of the home. The chosen roof style also affects the general impression of a home, for example, a steep gabled roof will have more aesthetic dominance than a skillion roof.

For hinterland and rural areas that are surrounded by bush or green landscape muted tones such as Bushland®, Wilderness®, Pale Eucalypt® or the subdued brown of Jasper® are most suitable.

For homes in the coastal environment, it is a great chance to capture the seaside atmosphere using colours such as Evening Haze®, Windspray®, Deep Ocean® or even the sandy qualities of Sandbank®.

Where heritage buildings are the norm, your more traditional colours are generally required such as Manor Red® or Headland®.

In the modern suburban areas a more striking roof may be the best option using either Monument® or Loft®.

Making sure the roof colour works with the rest of your home is paramount to finishing off the full look. Simply tips are to use the same colour for the mailbox, garden shed or even the fence. By triangulating the colour, particularly at the front of the property, it will give the home a balance feel.

For further information on colour choices or to look at reroofing your home please contact us.