Hanging Christmas Lights on the Roof – The right way!

The silly season is here, so it is time to untangle those Christmas lights and light up your home for the festive season.

We’ve got the best tips and tricks for you to hang your Christmas lights (the right way) on your metal or steel roof this Christmas.

Prepare and plan

Before you start hanging Christmas lights on your roof, you need to make certain preparations so that the process goes off smoothly.

  • Measure your Roof

Measuring your roof will give you an idea about the length of string lights that will be needed to cover the roof.

  • Test your lights beforehand

Testing your lights will let you know about bulbs that are working and those which need to be replaced. Replacing defective bulbs after they are hung on the roof can be a tedious process.

  • Inspect the light strings closely

This means looking for any cuts or broken ends along the strings. These cuts can cause short circuits and subsequent fires. Also, check if any bulb is broken. Check the condition of other equipment like extension cords and timers.

  • Purchase good quality lights

Outdoor lights need to withstand harsh temperatures and climate changes. Indoor lights are not suitable for outdoor use. Purchase good quality lights meant specifically for outdoor use.

  • Decide on the lighting pattern beforehand

You do not want to spend hours on the roof adjusting the lights according to instructions from your family members. Have a plan, and a stick to it!

  • Safety Tips

Make sure you use a good quality, strong ladder. The ladder should be tall enough to get you comfortably to the top of your roof.

Never plan to hang lights on your roof by yourself. Rope in a friend or family member to help hang them safely.

Hanging your lights

Choose a day with clear weather to hang your lights. Always start with the highest point in your roof and then work your way downwards and don’t overload your electrical system with too many lights!

Below are the best products for hanging lights on your metal or steel roof:

  • Magnetic Lights

These lights are slightly expensive than regular lights but are high on the convenience factor. You have to purchase the lights according to your roof measurement. Hanging lights is as easy as unpacking the lights and fixing them on your roof. No hassles of fasteners and pins. Magnetic lights are easy to install and easy to remove.

  • Magnetic Clips and Hooks

Magnetic clips and hooks are available in different sizes, depending on your lights and cords. They are durable and easily available, causing the least damage to your roof.

  • Plastic Clips

Plastic clips are economical. They are the ideal choice if you are using previous year’s lights.

When Christmas is over

Carefully remove your lights and store them carefully in their original packaging, that way they will last for years. If you no longer have the original packaging then cardboards, cord reels or plastic clothes hangers can be used to store your lights. And then simply wait 365 days to do it all over again!