Roof Maintenance Tips

A roof is the foundation of a house and an integral part of your home’s overall structure. A well-maintained
roof not only protects your home, but is also a very valuable asset which can add enormous value to the
final sale price if you’re looking to sell your home. When looking at roofing suitable for Sunshine Coast
living, Signature Roofing can assist with repairing or restoring your existing roof. Metal roofing is a great
option as it is highly durable, can increase the value of your property and is a sustainable alternative. In
this blog we look at some top tips to ensure that your roof is well-maintained and protects you and your
family over time.

Clean the gutters of your home

It is recommended that you clean the gutters of your home several times per year and especially after
storms, to ensure the gutters don’t clog with debris, leading to water build-up and potential damage to
your roof. Excess debris that is not washed away can result in mould, algae and moss growth. Undertaking
regular preventative maintenance and maintaining clear gutters will help to prolong the life of your roof
and maintain the value and appearance of your home.

Undertake regular roof inspections

The roof of your home protects against natural hazards and if not maintained it could prove costly.
Undertaking a regular roof inspection will allow you to determine the overall condition of your roof and
ensure that any leaks and issues are identified and can be rectified quickly before causing extensive
damage to your home. Having a roof in optimum condition provides peace of mind for homeowners so
you feel better prepared for the tough weather conditions often experienced living in the harsh
Queensland climate. A visual check of your roof can also identify any design and installation issues such
as roof trims and flashings that are poorly designed and don’t accommodate movement and installed roof
panels that are misaligned.

Inspect your homes’ insulation

Roofing insulation is an important part of your roof structure as it retains and controls the temperature
of your home. An insulated roof traps the heat in your home ensuring a warm interior. Conversely, during
the warmer months living on the Sunshine Coast, insulation helps to maintain a cool environment. Having
sound roofing insulation can also help you save money in the long run, reducing overall energy costs and
helping to eliminate costs associated with common roofing problems such as leaks and mould growth.
Having effective roofing insulation can increase the overall value of your home by assisting to maintain
your home’s structural safety.

Check overhanging vegetation

Tree branches overhanging your roof can lead to debris on your roof and cause significant structural
damage, including excess moisture, so trimming trees in your outdoor areas can alleviate this potential
problem. Additionally, the leaves from overhanging tree branches can gather in gutters, leading to
potential deterioration of your roofing. Given the stormy weather that is often experienced living on the
Sunshine Coast, a regular check of overhanging vegetation will assist in preventing roof damage.
If you’re looking to prolong the life and maintain the structural integrity of your roof, taking the time to
undertake some preventative maintenance is essential. A home with a clean and well-maintained roof is
not only safer and more cost effective, but will have more curb appeal, adding to its overall value.

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