How the weather impacts your roof

Your roof plays a vital role in protecting you, your loved ones and belongings from the sweltering sun in summer, the freezing chills during winter and the heavy downpours we experience here in Australia. Over time, these harsh weather conditions can take either toll on the longevity of your roof. So how does the weather impact your roof and what are some preventive steps to take in order to keep your roof healthy?

Harsh Heat

Extreme heat can be detrimental to the lifespan of your roof. When your roof is exposed to prolonged heat, it can make certain roofing materials swell. Tiles tend to shrink, curl and sometimes crack when temperatures get too high. It’s not only the exterior of your house that can be affected by extreme heat. If the damage extends to the interior you are likely to experience higher indoor temperatures – and no one wants that during our scorching summers!

Heavy Rain

Heavy rain can accumulate and pool in uneven surfaces or dents in your roof. Over time this can allow water to get into your home and leave you with a long list of potential problems such as mould growth, damaged walls and leak foundations. Early detection is essential to preventing water damage during heavy rain. Ensuring your gutters are in good condition and clear of debris can also help prevent damage.

Strong Winds

Australia is known for thunderstorms and cyclones so being prepared is key. Strong winds can blow away loose tiles and even lift metal sheets, exposing your roof and making it vulnerable to water damage among other dangers. Check the surroundings of your home and trim back the trees that surround your property. It’s crucial to inspect your roof for damage once a storm has passed and called a professional if you suspect any damage.

Harsh weather conditions can result in costly roof repairs or damage to your home. Don’t wait for the extreme weather to damage your roof before you take action. Regular checks help you spot potential problem areas so make sure you keep on top of your roof inspections. If you suspect your roof may have damage or would like us to inspect it for you, give us a call on (07) 5471 6332 today!