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Most common cause of a leaking roof

A leaking roof is something that shouldn’t be ignored and should be attended to as soon as you notice it. If not repaired quickly, it can cause nasty damage to the interior and exterior of your property which in turn could turn out rather costly to get fixed.

Knowing and understanding the most common causes of a leaking roof can help identify a problem before it is too late.

Broken shingles/tiles

A broken shingle/tile is probably the most common and most obvious reason for a leaking roof. More often than not caused by high winds, heavy rain hail or just damaged over time. A broken shingle/tile is pretty easy to spot and can be easily repaired/replaced.

Cracked flashing

Flashing is a thin metal sheet found under the shingles in the corners and joints of the roof that prevents water from getting into your home.

If it is cracked, water can leak through and cause damage. If the seal around the flashing is damaged or cracked it will need to be repaired or replaced in order to stop any further problems.

Damaged or imporperseals

Any place where joins come together (a valley) it must be properly sealed so that water can’t get through. If these seals are damaged or not applied properly in the first place you could find yourself with a leak. Spotting damaged seals can be difficult and will need to be replaced or repaired by an expert in order to fix the leak.

Corrosion of screws

Corrosion of roofing screws are most commonly caused by salt air but can also be a result of acids carried through the air from industry and chemical sprays, U.V. from the sun, or humidity in tropical or moist areas. It is a good idea to get these looked at and replaced every 5 years in order to prevent damage to your roof and stop leaking.

Clogged gutters

Another common yet simple to fix cause. If your gutters are full of leaves and debris the water isn’t able to run off effectively which can lead to backups that can cause a leak. Be sure to check your gutters and clean them out on a regular basis especially if there is bad weather or storms predicted.

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