How to spot the signs of a damaged roof

Some signs of roof damage are easy to spot, whereas others are much less obvious.  

Unfortunately, when roof damaged goes unnoticed, you can be left with serious consequences for the structural reliability of your home or commercial property! 

Taking notice of the signs, both inside and outside your home, will help you take good care of your roof and help it live out its longest lifespan possible. 

Some damage signs to look for: 
  • Corrosion 

It is important to take a closer look if you see signs of corrosion around your gutters (or anywhere close to metal) as this is usually a sign there is gathered water. Reacting quickly and replacing corroded fittings and fasteners ensures you won’t be left with a much bigger job. 

  • Dark spots that indicate water damage 

When you see brown spots or patches on your ceiling and interior walls, they are water stains caused from a leak above. The water might not also drip straight down which makes it harder to spot where the leak it coming from. This also means the leak might be far away from where the ceiling shows damage. 

  • Rot or mould on your interior walls and ceilings 

More often than not, roof mould is caused by a roof leak. If you find mould, rot or moisture on your ceiling, it is very likely it is a result of a water leak or roof damage. Rot and mould thrive in damp, humid conditions caused by leaks. 

  • Sagging  

Signs of a sagging roof inside or outside can be extremely worrying and while it is imperative you call a professional to take a lookit doesn’t necessarily mean your roof is going to collapse. Often, a saggy roof can be restored or repaired. 

  • Cracked or crumbling tiles 

If you overlook crumbling or cracked tiles, water can seep in and rot the timber holding your roof, creating a much more expensive roof replacement or restoration. If you see signs of cracked or crumbling tiles, contact us straight away. 

  • Aging before its time 

Roofs do age over time, however if your roof is only 10-15 years old and is needing repairs quite frequently, it may be worth looking at getting it restored. A general rule is that any roof should last between 20-15 years. If your roof has hit its 20-year birthday, consider getting a full roof replacement. 


One of these signs generally means you need a roof repair, but several can mean you are probably in need of a roof restoration or replacementKeeping your roof in great condition means your home will be watertight, look great, and survive the harsh Queensland weather! 

If you have spotted one or more of these signs of damage, contact our team today and get our professional opinion on how we restore your roof back to its best self.