How to winter-proof your roof

As much as we need time to adapt our bodies to the cooler months, did you know your roof also needs some attention to make sure it’s ready for winter? With a good solid roof, you will be able to make your home more pleasant and enjoyable when it’s chillier outside. 

We have piled together a bunch of easy tips for you to get your roof prepared for winter. 

Check for damp spots 

Damp spots inside the ceiling of your home means your roof is leaking somewhere and needs fixing as soon as possible. If untreated, you will end up with internal damage that can be very expensive to fix. 

Check your metal roof sheets 

Checking for rusty screws or rust areas on your metal sheets is important as these are potential areas that have the ability to leak. It also pays to check for rusty gutters. 

Remove hanging branches 

While trees add shade and protection from sunlight during the summer months, they can easily damage your roof during bad weather. Branches are known to scratch and dent a roof on impact and trees with needles, leaves or fruit can drop debris and cause mildew build-up and mould. Before you prune of remove hanging branches or trees, it’s best to contact professionals in the tree industry as they know the laws around tree cutting and can help protect your home in an eco-friendly manner. 

Remove built-up debris, dirt and leaves 

As a preventative measure, you should clean your roof at least twice a year. To protect your roof from clogged gutters and mould growth over time, you should clean away any debris, leaves and dirt. This encourages healthy water drainage and protects the structural integrity of your roof.  

Review important homeowner information  

You ideally should be aware of what is covered by in your warranty or homeowner’s insurance before any damage happens. Generally, you are responsible for routine roofing improvement projects, so insurance companies only cover incidents that occurred beyond your controlYour insurance company may cover leaky roofs if you provide evidence that the roof has been properly maintained. 

Ask the professionals for help 

For extra help, reach out to the professionals who can check your roof for structural damage and assess if the roof needs to be repaired or replaced.