signature roofing office

Settling in to the new office

This year has seen some big changes for Signature Roofing and Guttering with one of the big ones being moving to our new office to accommodate our growing team. Our new address is Unit 18/2 Focal Avenue, Coolum Beach and after a bit over three months we are settling in nicely to the new space. Already due to adding a few more members to the team we have had to shuffle around but it is well worth it as having the new staff come on board means we are able to keep up with demand and ensure we give the best service possible.

Making the move has changed the way we service our customers as we now have a quicker turn around with quotes and the added staff means an increase in experience from a variety of areas in the building industry. In relation to this we now have staff that are specifically trained in their area, such as estimating, order, supervising along with the trades that are on site. Plus, our wonderful admin team are always more than happy to help with phone enquiries.

One of the major things we are working on at the moment, partially due to the increase in staff, is move towards a paperless office. Not only is this great for the environment, it also allows us to streamline our work so that the customer gets the best service possible and allows us to have project details on hand rather than looking through paperwork. There are a lot of steps involved in reroofing and this requires a number of different trades to be involved, such as scaffolders, roofers, rubbish removal and numerous office staff such as estimators, supervisors and admin. So moving to an online program enables us to streamline theses steps to our service can be better, quicker and more competitively priced.

We always love seeing our customers and you are more than welcome to come visit our office. We have our admin staff downstairs that are ready to greet you and there is always one of our tradesman in the office that are more than happy to have a chat about any of your roofing requirements. Our display and information board has a variety of information on what we have to offer that you can take home with you. So be sure to stop by and say hello.