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The importance of a reroofing process

When looking to reroofing your home it is important to know the steps that a company is going to take in order to complete the project. This gives you peace of mind that the company you have chosen to work with has the experience and best practices in place to ensure a quality product not to mention you know where you stand during the process.


Once you have had your house measured and received the reroofing quote generally you should find that the reroofing process should look something like this:

  • Installation of safety rail if required
  • Organise to have any solar hot water or solar panels professionally removed
  • Delivery of selected roofing materials
  • Removal of old roof
  • Inspection of roof battens and replacement of those required to meet Australian standards
  • Inspection of roof tie downs and replacement if required
  • Install insulation if requested
  • Install new BlueScope steel roof sheets
  • Install all required BlueScope steel flashings, capping’s, ridges and valleys
  • Sealing of all joints to insure roof is completely watertight
  • Replace fascia and gutters if required
  • Clean roof and guttering
  • Stack and remove all old roofing materials and rubbish.
  • Remove safety rail if used
  • Organise to have any solar hot water or solar panels to be professionally re installed

Whether you are looking to reroof or regutter your home make sure you receive multiple quotes and work with the company that you feel will deliver the right outcome for you. If you are after a quote make sure you contact us on 5471 6332 or email and one of our friendly staff will arrange a time to meet you.