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Whirlybirds: Why you should incorporate them into your roof build

Also known as a turbine vent, a whirlybird is a key element to keeping your home cool in summer.

Whirlybirds spin to create a vacuum that propels trapped warm air out of the home. Removing trapped air can contribute to a cooler home during the hot summer months. With winter ending and summer fast approaching, choosing to add one or two could make a huge difference in the comfort of your home.

Types of Whirlybirds

Whirlybirds come in two categories, active and passive.

Passive whirlybirds are powered by the wind causing them to be reliant on the wind in the area you live. The wind frequency and strength near your home can be reviewed using your local wind rose. However, it’s important to note that, wind roses are calculated on the wind speeds recorded between 9am and 3pm, so they may not accurately represent the reliability of the wind in your area and its ability to power your whirlybird.

Active whirlybirds are more reliant than wind powered turbine vents, as they are powered electronically. This allows them to work continuously to remove hot air trapped in your home.

How many Whirlybirds to incorporate into your roof build?

The number of whirlybirds suited for your roof is dependent on the size of your home.

Most homes will require more than one whirlybird to remove the trapped hot air. Two and three-bedroom homes will need at least two turbine vents to work effectively.

Larger homes with more than four bedrooms may need more than two whirlybirds, while small homes (under 50 square meters) will need just one turbine vent to properly ventilate the space.

Choosing the right amount of whirlybirds is key to creating a properly ventilated home, that’s why for the month of September, Signature Roofing and Guttering is offering two free whirlybirds when you choose to have your roof replaced by them.

Ask the team about this special offer when you enquire